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May 31, 2019by Chris Lovos

  The country’s perspective towards marijuana is rapidly changing, and you need not look any further than DC or Maryland for proof. Unfortunately, the Commonwealth of Virginia still maintains some of the strictest marijuana laws in the country – despite efforts to reform these laws. IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET YOUR MARIJUANA CHARGE DROPPED But […]


May 13, 2019by Chris Lovos

  The largest sectors of employment in the Washington DC and surrounding metro area are the federal government, government contracting and the armed forces. A large majority of the DC metro population is employed in the government sector, in the three specific areas we have just mentioned. As such, almost all those who work in […]


April 17, 2019by Chris Lovos

  Is a DUI a criminal offense or a traffic violation? When someone operates a vehicle in the District of Columbia with alcohol in their body, and that alcohol level is well above the legal limit, they are committing a dangerous and serious crime- DUI (driving under the influence), OWI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated) […]


April 14, 2019by Chris Lovos

  Washington DC Firearms Transportation Rules Understanding the rules around transporting firearms gets a little bit fuzzy when looking at the nation’s capital. While both Maryland and Virginia have laws that allow for the possession, carrying, and transportation of firearms, going through DC to get from one location to the other with a gun/firearm can […]


April 3, 2019by Chris Lovos

Getting your license back after a DUI can be a little tricky. According to the (NHTSA) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 30 people die every single day in alcohol-related accidents. To be specific, that’s about one person every 48 seconds. When you’re driving under the influence of alcohol, you will most like fall under […]


March 25, 2019by Chris Lovos

  Successfully defending clients, who have been charged with a DUI, is a nuanced skill of extreme value, that not many attorneys or law firms have mastered. Ervin Kibria Law has mastered this skill. Attorney Nabeel Kibria’s, of Ervin Kibria Law, mastery of DUI litigation has led to many successful victories for his clients. If […]


March 6, 2019by Chris Lovos

  Attorney Nabeel Kibria is passionate and aggressive about his work and, above all, his clients. He has proven results with drunk driving charges. Attorney Kibria handles hundreds of drunk driving cases in DC every year. He is one of the most aggressive DUI attorneys in the city. Having an experienced drunk driving lawyer by […]


August 25, 2017by Chris Lovos

Fairfax DUI Attorney – Defendant was charged with DUI in Fairfax County after being stopped on the 495 at 2 AM.  Although the defendant refused to perform field sobriety tests, he blew a .08 on the preliminary breath test and .08 again back at the station. After significant negotiation with the prosecutor and the arresting officer, […]