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      Finding a DC Money Laundering Lawyer

      washington dc money laundering lawyer

      Anyone who fails to reveal the origin of money that has been illegally obtained is, by definition, guilty of money laundering. According to federal law, this course of action is illegal – and numerous federal statutes are aimed at prohibiting this course of action – and also make related activities illegal. The penalties for the transgression of these statutes can range from lengthy jail sentences and various other penalties. Therefore, it makes sense that if anyone is the subject of an investigation into money laundering activity, they make it a priority to consult with an expert Washington DC Money Laundering Lawyer, like Nabeel Kibria of Ervin Kibria Law, to fully understand their options in light of these serious charges. 

      The Prosecution’s Role

      As a standard with other cases, the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is the job of the prosecution – in this case, the federal prosecutor. In the case of money laundering, this obliges the government to show that:

      • The money is ‘tainted’ in some way or the result of criminal activity
      • That accused had foreknowledge that the money was ‘tainted’ before becoming involved in any financial transaction 
      • That the accused engaged in money laundering activity to engage in unlawful activity such as evading taxes, concealing the origin of the money, or avoiding reporting requirements

      Ways in Which A DC Federal Money Laundering Lawyer Could Help

      One of the most important ways an expert white collar criminal attorney can help your case is to sow doubt about various elements of criminal activity. Of course, this depends entirely on the unique circumstances of your case. It is worth repeating that the government must prove the case ‘beyond a reasonable doubt. The judge will be certain to remind the jury that this is the acid test of guilt – if there is reasonable doubt, then you are almost assured that the case will be found in your favor.   

      There are other defensive strategies that a DC federal money laundering or white collar criminal lawyer might raise. Such as the possibility of entrapment or an illegal search. Again, this depends on the merits of a particular case. The facts of the case can also assist the attorney in a plea bargain which can lead to a conviction for a lesser offense. The seriousness of a money laundering charge – and the severe penalties mean that choosing a capable and experienced attorney is of the utmost importance. Making that choice is also essential when you are under investigation for money laundering.  

      Federal Laws Forbidding Money Laundering – Some Detail

      US Code Section 1956 goes into detail about both the illegality of money laundering and the prohibitions governing the illegal act – it states that an individual may be guilty of money laundering when: 

      • Conducting (or attempting to conduct) a transaction where the money originates in illegal activity to promote that activity.
      • Conducting any financial transaction to conceal the origin, location, ownership, or control of funds obtained while participating in illegal activity.
      • Moving funds from inside the US to a foreign country or vice versa, from a foreign country to the United States to engage in illegal activity, or knowingly transferring funds that will be used for illegal activity. The definition extends to funds where the location is hidden from authorities, and the funds’ source, ownership, or control is hidden.
      • Avoiding government reporting requirements by moving money from inside the United States to a foreign country or from a region outside of the US into the United States
      • Avoiding a tax obligation or transgressing other requirements of the Internal Revenue Code through financial transactions resulting from illegal activity. 


      The courts are burdened with an ever-increasing number of cases involving money laundering. Healthcare fraud is one example (Medicaid fraud is particularly prevalent). In addition, money laundering is often part of fraud investigations where the purchase of a home (or other assets) is designed to hide the proceeds of illegal activity. Another example is where the individual engages in illegal activity and uses the ill-gotten gains to pay rent or other household expenses – or put that money into a bank account.     

      Make Contact With an expert DC Federal Money Laundering Attorney Today.

      An expert federal criminal defense attorney with the correct experience will have intimate knowledge of the federal court system. Therefore, retaining the services of an expert white collar criminal defense attorney such as Nabeel Kibria of Ervin Kibria Law from the moment one becomes aware of the money laundering charge is the best way to protect oneself. 

      Contact us today or call 202-689-4439 to learn more about how a DC money laundering lawyer can help you.

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