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March 25, 2019by Chris Lovos

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Successfully defending clients, who have been charged with a DUI, is a nuanced skill of extreme value, that not many attorneys or law firms have mastered. Ervin Kibria Law has mastered this skill. Attorney Nabeel Kibria’s, of Ervin Kibria Law, mastery of DUI litigation has led to many successful victories for his clients. If you have a DUI charge/case in Washington DC, it is very important that you retain the best possible DUI lawyer to help you get through the case, hopefully, avoid any convictions, and try to get the case dismissed if possible. Successful DUI attorneys like Nabeel Kibria work closely with every single client, personally, to ensure that they are informed about each and every part of the legal process.

Ervin Kibria Law believes that every client deserves trustworthiness and a tenacious defense from their lawyer in every phase of the legal process. Ervin Kibria Law always makes sure that all their clients get dedicated representation from beginning to end. Be sure to choose the right attorneys at the right law firm. Work with a firm that is experienced and has proven results so you can rest easy knowing that you have the best representation available. Don’t risk your freedom with law firms or attorneys that do not value your life as if it was their own.

Best DUI Lawyer in Washington DC

Ervin Kibria Law and Attorney Nabeel Kibria has a 5-star rating online and offline because of their incredible support and dedication to clients across the Washington DC metro area. DUI charges are complex, frightening and carry a great deal of anxiety for those charged with one. However, these charges do not have to be back-breaking if you have the right attorney at your side.  The right DUI lawyer will build the correct and best defense strategy for you. Ervin Kibria Law has a vast array of experience for successfully defending and protecting DUI clients.

Poor representation can cost you thousands of dollars, possibly your job and many of your freedoms. It may even lead to jail time. In most cases, your driver’s license can be revoked if your case isn’t handled correctly. If you or a loved one has been charged with a DUI, OWI, or DWI please call us immediately to schedule a free consultation with Nabeel Kibria. We will devise the best DUI defense for you. Call (202) 689-4439 right now. Don’t hesitate before it’s too late.


Chris Lovos