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      DC Assault

      Simple DC assault is intentional, and a person is charged with it if there has been an attempt to injure another person. Assault as defined by § 22-404 Assault or threatened assault is broadly defined when someone intends to harm or cause intentional injury to another person.

      Washington DC Assault and Battery Lawyer

      Washington, DC defines assault in four different ways:

      1. Simple assault – misdemeanor
      2. Assault and battery
      3. Assault with significant injury
      4. Aggravated assault

      In Washington DC, regardless of whether or not the victim decides to drop charges, the U.S. Attorney’s office will still file the assault case and prosecute the offender. In other words, that means the victim has no say in the filed assault case against the offender.

      Simple Assault in DC does not require any actions to have been carried out. The only requirement is that there was a threat of force against a victim to have reason to believe harm was the intention.

      Battery requires physical contact. Assault with significant injury is when an offender intended to inflict injury to the victim that would require hospitalization or medical care. The punishment for the offense is up to a $12,500 fine and imprisonment for up to three years.

      What is Aggravated Assault?

      Aggravated Assault is an offender intentionally causing an injury that results in serious bodily harm that creates unconsciousness, extreme physical pain, or disfigures a person’s appearance. If the offender is convicted of aggravated assault, they can be imprisoned for up to 10 years and fined $25,000. Attempting to commit aggravated assault holds serious repercussions; one can be fined up to $12,500 and imprisoned for three years.

      The only way to get this charge dismissed is by having a well-qualified Washington DC criminal defense attorney.

      What do I do if I’m charged with assault?

      You need to call your attorney right away. Next, you need to pick up an incident report of the alleged assault. You can do this by going to Metropolitan Police Department headquarters in Washington D.C. at:

      300 Indiana Avenue NW Room 3075

      Then, write notes of your incident on a piece of paper, detailing what happened, where, who was a witness, what the disagreement was about, and time.

      If you have these two pieces of paperwork, you will be able to discuss in detail with your attorney how to proceed.

      Assault is serious – it will be on your record. If you apply for work in health care, at a daycare center, in the government, or for various vocations, your prospective employer will be able to see you have a conviction. You need to contact expert Washington DC criminal defense attorney Nabeel Kibria, of Ervin Kibria Law to fight these charges!

      How does a lawyer help?

      Not just any attorney can help. You will need to enlist the services of a well-qualified criminal defense attorney like Nabeel Kibria, of Ervin Kibria Law. He will negotiate with the prosecutor for the best possible outcome. Ensure you get your life back on track with the right representation by contacting him directly at 202-689-4439!

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