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May 31, 2019by admin

  The country’s perspective towards marijuana is rapidly changing, and you need not look any further than DC or Maryland for proof. Unfortunately, the Commonwealth of Virginia still maintains some of the strictest marijuana laws in the country – despite efforts to reform these laws. IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET YOUR MARIJUANA CHARGE DROPPED But […]


July 7, 2017by admin

Effective July 1, 2017, a long-overdue change to Virginia’s marijuana possession penalties will finally remove an archaic Virginia law. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe signed a bill on March 27, 2017 that removes the statutory requirement that a conviction for possession of marijuana must result in the suspension of the defendant’s license for a period of […]


July 1, 2015by admin

A dramatic increase in synthetic drug usage and consequent illness (some extremely severe) have led the governments of both Virginia and DC to strongly review how the suppliers of synthetic drugs should be dealt with, as well as increasing efforts to crackdown on individuals possessing synthetic drugs. The D.C. Council has unanimously approved emergency legislation […]


January 20, 2015by admin

  Fairfax & Loudoun Possession of Synthetic Marijuana In recent years, it has been difficult for law enforcement to charge individuals with drug offenses related to synthetic marijuana, also known as “K2” or “Spice”. While many specific chemicals that have been used in K2 and Spice to simulate the effects of marijuana have been banned, […]