Felony & Misdemeanor Defense

From the most benign misunderstanding to the most violent felonies, the attorneys at Ervin Kibria are ready to defend your rights.

Criminal Defense

Individuals charged with criminal charges are guaranteed certain constitutional rights including the right to effective and zealous representation by a lawyer. At Ervin Kibria, we aggressively defend those rights throughout Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.  No matter how complicated your case may be, we can help. Our criminal defense lawyers understand what you may be facing, and can help you tackle difficult decisions.

We aggressively defend our clients who are facing charges related to:

Alcohol-related cases
Assault and battery
Criminal fraud
Criminal appeals
Domestic violence
Drug crimes
Parole and probation violations
Reckless driving
Sex Crimes
Traffic Violations

A criminal charge is something no one plans for. But if it’s happened to you, it is something you need to deal with right away.

The consequences of a criminal record in the age of internet background checks can impact you in a hundred ways you can’t imagine, from limiting job opportunities, renting an apartment, or even coaching a soccer team.

Whatever happened to you, you deserve protection in court. You are innocent until proven guilty.

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Dedicated Defense You Can Trust

At Ervin Kibria, we provide necessary legal defense against all manner of criminal charges, including simple assault, domestic violence, and theft. Our experienced attorneys will aggressively defend your interests.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Our attorneys can act as a buffer between you and the police, and can even help avoid charges in the first place. From investigation to trial, our criminal defense lawyers will guide you through the process and be with you every step of the way.