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Awards and Accolades

Mr . Kibria and his from were excellent. He told me how things were going to go from the start and that’s exactly how it went, in fact better. Client engagement and communication were second to none. Great DC defense attorney. Highly recommended.

Great firm, great attorney. Mr. Kibria is an excellent DC defense attorney. He got my case dismissed and got me through the court process very fast. He told me exactly how things would go when he took my case and that’s exactly how it went. His communication with me at all times was great and immediate. Also he was very generous to me with his rates since I am a student. I highly recommend him and this firm.

Mr. Kibria did an exceptional job representing me. I was in a wrong place, wrong time situation, and Mr. Kibria did his best in getting my case dismissed ASAP. He only ensured the best outcome for me, and I’m thankful for his services. On top of that he treated me like a family member and was ALWAYS available to me and my family members who had questions. ALWAYS AVAILABLE! Fantastic DC defense lawyer. Also outstanding rates. In short, I’d say the best in the business in DC!

Mr. Kibria and his firm were fantastic! Got my serious case dismissed. But above all its clear that the reviews and reputation are above and beyond everything i read before hiring him and the firm. He truly goes above and beyond the call of duty and he truly cares for the client. Also always available when needed and always answering all questions concerns and anxiety. The best. I urge everyone to retain this firm if they need a DC defense lawyer. Fees are also very fair given that he is top dc lawyer.

Mr Kibria is a fantastic DC attorney. He did an excellent job for me and got my case dismissed. Always available when needed. Definitely recommend his services.

Very professional and handle my case very well. Fight very hard for the case and made the impossible happen in my case. I Would recommend him to anyone. I would say hes the best Washington DC criminal defense lawyer. His communication and client engagement are unmatched. Mr. Kibria and his firm are the people to go to. Also prices were incredibly fair.

I was really scare to start this process, being my first offense. I was expecting the worst based on my case but Mr. Kibria. fought for my case and got me a way lower outcome. Excellent DC defense attorney. Always available when I needed him. He is the guy to call in DC. Highest Recommendation!

Mr Kibria is a fantastic and expert DC defense attorney. He was outstanding every step of the way. On top of everything his communication and client advocacy is second to none. Also affordable. I give him and the firm my highest recommendation.

Mr. Kibria and his firm were excellent. He made a terrible situation a lot better and was willing to keep on fighting at every turn. He had my back throughout the process. Excellent DC defense attorney, also extremely affordable for a top rated DC lawyer. I highly recommend him and his firm.

Mr.Kibria and his firm were excellent. Adjusted court dates for me due to travel and got my case dismissed immediately. Communication and client service was unbelievable. Excellent attorney , excellent firm. Highest recommendation. Be sure to call them.

About Ervin Kibria PLLC

Attorneys Justin Ervin and Nabeel Kibria provide aggressive legal representation services to clients with criminal charges pending in Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia.  We also provide premier immigration solutions to help guide our clients through the complex and often confusing immigration processes and applications quickly and with peace of mind.

What really sets us apart from other lawyers and law firms is our team approach to representing our clients along with our commitment to hands on personal representation. We have purposefully set out to be a small firm committed to individually helping our clients. What we are not, and what we purposely try to avoid, is the big firm type of representation.

We are personalized. We are accessible. We are hands on. We keep our practice small so we can be completely dedicated to giving our clients the very best representation. When you hire us you have direct access to us, not a law clerk, or a paralegal, or an associate attorney.

Your case will not be assigned an attorney. When you hire us, you know up front you are hiring Justin Ervin and Nabeel Kibria to personally handle your case. We are always available to answer your questions and give you advice.

At Ervin Kibria, we understand that people accused of a crime or facing immigration issues are worried about their freedom, their employment, and their privilege to drive. We know people need quick and clear answers to their legal questions. If you have been charged with a crime or are facing an immigration matter, call Ervin Kibria and schedule an initial consultation immediately.

Principal Attorney

Justin Ervin, Esq.

Lawyer specializing in DUI and criminal defense throughout Northern Virginia.


Principal Attorney

Nabeel Kibria, Esq.

Specializing in traffic and criminal defense in the District of Columbia, as well as immigration representation throughout Virginia, Maryland, and DC.