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August 25, 2017by Chris Lovos

Fairfax DUI Attorney – Defendant was charged with DUI in Fairfax County after being stopped on the 495 at 2 AM.  Although the defendant refused to perform field sobriety tests, he blew a .08 on the preliminary breath test and .08 again back at the station. After significant negotiation with the prosecutor and the arresting officer, […]


November 23, 2016by Chris Lovos

Fairfax Reckless Driving Defense:  Client charged with Reckless Driving after being clocked at 92mph in a 55mph zone at 4AM had the charged reduced down to simple Improper Driving, avoiding the misdemeanor criminal conviction.  Although the prosecutor refused to engage in any negotiations to reduce the offense, we took our argument directly to the judge […]


July 27, 2016by Chris Lovos

Alexandria Traffic Attorney – Client was charged with a first-offense reckless driving due to speed in the city of Alexandria.  Through negotiation with the arresting officer and the judge, there was an agreement to reduce the charge to driving 9 mph over the limit in exchange for completion of a DMV approved driving improvement course. […]


April 11, 2016by Chris Lovos

Alexandria Reckless Driving Attorney:  Client charged with reckless driving after officer’s radar clocked client 30 mph over the limit was reduced to speeding 15 mph over the limit after completion of driving school.  Client was facing a misdemeanor conviction and was able to avoid any criminal convictions. For more information, please visit Alexandria Reckless Driving […]


January 7, 2016by Chris Lovos

  Fairfax Reckless Driving Lawyer: Client charged with reckless driving for speeding more than 20 mph over the speed limit had charges dismissed due to insufficiency of evidence concerning client’s speed.  Justin Ervin negotiated the dismissal of charges after pushing for trial upon learning of the nature of the evidence against the client. For more […]