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March 6, 2019by Chris Lovos

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Attorney Nabeel Kibria is passionate and aggressive about his work and, above all, his clients. He has proven results with drunk driving charges. Attorney Kibria handles hundreds of drunk driving cases in DC every year. He is one of the most aggressive DUI attorneys in the city. Having an experienced drunk driving lawyer by your side, who is familiar with allof the laws in the District of Columbia regarding driving under the influence, is your best bet in court. A drunk driving conviction can have several, serious and damaging long term consequences. Hire an attorney that cares about your life and freedom, who understands how to mitigate or eliminate negative consequences.

Drunk Driving Lawyer Washington DC

No matter how difficult or challenging the case, or what dangers you face in court, Nabeel Kibria is here for you. Rest assured that with the years of experience Ervin Kibria Law has in its practice, you will get the results you deserve. Washington DC has been the firm’s battleground for years and the firm has successfully defended hundreds of drunk drivers in Washington DC.

If you or a loved one is facing a drunk driving charge in Washington DC please do not hesitate to give us a call immediately. Do not go to court without the proper legal representation. Choosing the wrong, or no lawyer can turn out to be the biggest mistake of your life. Drunk driving charges can carry severe consequences for a lifetime if not handled properly. Nabeel is standing by to put your interests first. Drunk driving can have major repercussions, which may end with jail time or a suspended license. In many cases, a defendant’s driver’s license can get revoked as well. It’s too risky to go without an experienced DC DUI attorney.

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