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March 28, 2016by admin

Fairfax DUI Lawyer:  DUI and Refusal charges in Fairfax County were dismissed following motion to suppress evidence was granted.  Once the motion to suppress to was granted, the prosecution dismissed both charges due to lack of sufficient evidence. For more information, please visit Fairfax DUI Lawyer, Arlington DUI Lawyer, Alexandria DUI Lawyer, Prince William DUI Lawyer […]


January 7, 2016by admin

  Fairfax Reckless Driving Lawyer: Client charged with reckless driving for speeding more than 20 mph over the speed limit had charges dismissed due to insufficiency of evidence concerning client’s speed.  Justin Ervin negotiated the dismissal of charges after pushing for trial upon learning of the nature of the evidence against the client. For more […]


December 18, 2015by admin

  Fairfax DUI Lawyer Client charged with DUI in Fairfax County, Virginia with an elevated BAC of .16 had charge reduced after contentious negotiations with prosecution.  Defendant pled guilty to standard DUI with NO active jail time and minimum standard DUI penalties for first-time DUI in Fairfax. For more information, please visit Fairfax DUI Lawyer, […]


December 18, 2015by admin

  Prince William DUI Attorney: Client charged with DUI in Prince William County with an elevated BAC of .16, which carries a mandatory minimum of 5 days in jail, had charge reduced to DUI with BAC of .08 after contentious negotiations.  Client had no active jail time and only the standard penalties for first time […]