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October 26, 2015by admin

Client charged with Reckless Driving as a result of 9 separate traffic violations under District of Columbia Code § 50–2201.04, Nolle Prossed after diversion/dismissed after minimal community service-volunteering/DISMISSED by prosecution after diversion on 09/17/2015. Read more about Washington DC Criminal Defense & Traffic Defense / Reckless Drving Defense: Washington DC Criminal & Traffic Defense , DC Reckless Driving Lawyer, DC Reckless Driving Attorney

February 8, 2015by admin

  Arlington Increasing Enforcement of Vehicle Passing School Buses In Virginia, passing a stopped school bus on a public street can be charged as either a basic traffic infraction, or as a reckless driving misdemeanor charge.  Obviously, the potential punishments between the different types of charges is substantial.  A traffic infraction is limited to a […]