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September 10, 2015by Chris Lovos

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I’ve Been Charged with Reckless Driving in DC: Why? And What Do I Do Now?

As mentioned in various sections of the Ervin Kibria website and blog, Reckless Driving is a serious charge in the District of Columbia. In fact, many clients charged with Reckless Driving find themselves very confused as to why they were even charged.

Reckless driving behaviors that officers watch for include accidents, eluding police officers, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, speeding 21 miles per hour or more above posted speed limit, failure to give right-of-way to a pedestrian, failure to stop for a school vehicle with alternately flashing lights, and following another vehicle too closely.

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If your driving behavior at the time you were puled over included any of the above, then a law enforcement officer would have cause to charge you with Reckless Driving.  However, a skilled, knowledgeable and experienced attorney can help you prepare an aggressive defense for court.  Sometimes there are mitigating issues that may help in getting the charge reduced or even dropped.  These defenses, and mitigating factors include:  

(1) a clean driving history,  

(2) speedometer calibration issues,  

(3) emergency situation,  

(4) school bus not properly marked/equipped,  

(5) emergency vehicle not properly marked/displaying improper lights,  

(6) wet pavement,  

(7) passing was not at a crest/curve,

(8) you passed a bicycle, motorcade, moped, etc.

(9) physical barrier between you and school bus,

(10) you had permission to race from the landowner,  

(11) an accident doesn’t mean you were driving recklessly,  

(12) pacing issues,

(13) radar/lidar calibration issues,  

(14) a ‘caution’ sign is not a speed limitation sign,  

(15) school bus stopped for reason other than loading/unloading,  

(16) highway had multiple passing/driving lanes,  

(17) you didn’t know of your vehicle’s defects before being charged, etc.

So what to do if you are among thousands of people every year who are charged with reckless driving in the District of Columbia?

Do not plead guilty without the advice of counsel!  Why?  Because, as mentioned in this article, it is very possible to have a defense to this charge which can lead to having he charge reduced or dropped.

Things that an attorney may have you do before court would include:

(1) getting your speedometer calibrated,

(2) taking a Driver Improvement Course,

(3) getting character reference letters,

(4) getting a copy of your driving record, etc.

Experienced DC Reckless Driving, Speeding & Traffic Attorney

If you are facing a reckless driving misdemeanor charge or any motor vehicle traffic offense in the District of Columbia, you need fast, accurate answers about your situation and the best way to proceed. The DC reckless driving lawyers at Ervin Kibria understand your concerns and your sense of urgency in dealing with a difficult situation.

The consequences for Reckless Driving:

Clients who reach out to us concerning a reckless driving arrest often share common questions. In most cases, our clients want to know whether they will go to jail if they are convicted of reckless driving. Answering this question depends entirely on your speed, the location in which you were driving, and the circumstances around you during that time.  Speaking to an experienced traffic attorney is the only way to provide appropriate insight into your case and the possibility for jail time.

An aggressive defense:

The consequences of a reckless driving charge often depend on having an experienced lawyer to represent you. At Ervin Kibria, we have the necessary experience to aggressively investigate, defend and challenge the charges. If you are facing a reckless driving or other serious traffic offense, contact the reckless driving attorneys at Ervin Kibria today to thoroughly discuss your case and make a determination on whether an attorney is needed in your particular case.

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