Reckless Driving - Should I Get My Speedometer Calibrated?

July 18, 2017by Chris Lovos

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I’ve been charged with reckless driving or speeding, should I get my speedometer calibrated?

First, if you’ve been charged with reckless driving or an elevated speeding ticket, you should reach out to an attorney immediately to discuss the specifics about your case.  That said, there are very few scenarios in which it would not be beneficial to have your speedometer calibration checked by a certified auto shop.

What’s the purpose of having your speedometer checked?  If your speedometer is reading lower than it should, that would serve as evidence that you were not aware that you were speeding at the rate alleged.  For example, let’s say that you’re pulled over for driving 82 mph. In Virginia, that speed is considered reckless driving, since it’s over 80 mph. If a certified auto shop establishes that your speedometer reads 5mph lower, that would indicate that your speedometer would have read only 77 mph – which can almost automatically get a reduction from reckless driving to simple speeding.  In some situations, the low reading on your speedometer calibration would result in your charge even being reduced to defective equipment, which is a non-moving violation.

A speedometer calibration certificate should identify the car and state the various speeds at which the car was tested. The speeds at which the car was tested should at least come close to the speed on the ticket (i.e. don’t have the car tested at only 25 mph if you are charged with going 85mph). And most importantly, the mechanic should record the speedometer’s results at the various speeds.

There are several of places in Virginia where you can go to get a speedometer calibrated. Here is a list of some places that are equipped to producing calibration certificates for court cases.

However, if you have been charged with reckless driving in Fairfax County, it is strongly encouraged that you reach out to an attorney at Ervin Kibria PLLC for a free consultation regarding your charges.  Please call (703) 962-7790 for your free consultation.

M&M Collision
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Bill’s Auto Service & Discount Tire Center
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Ron’s Mobile Services Cars And Trucks, Inc.
1412 S. 28th St., #5
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Drake Auto Shop23571 Pebble Run Place # 150
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