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January 7, 2016by admin

  Fairfax Reckless Driving Lawyer: Client charged with reckless driving for speeding more than 20 mph over the speed limit had charges dismissed due to insufficiency of evidence concerning client’s speed.  Justin Ervin negotiated the dismissal of charges after pushing for trial upon learning of the nature of the evidence against the client. For more […]


November 18, 2015by admin

Arlington Criminal Defense Attorney:  Non-family member filed for a protective order against client respondent for stalking.  During this hearing, we successfully argued that the petitioner failed to meet the standard necessary to authorize a protective order under Virginia statute or to make out a claim of stalking under Virginia law. For more information, please visit […]


November 12, 2015by admin

Fairfax DWI Lawyer:  Client charged with first offense DUI with certified BAC of .08 had charged REDUCED to reckless driving after contentious negotiations by counsel and prosecution.  Right before proceeding to trial in Fairfax General District Court, the prosecution came back and offered to reduced the charge to “wet” reckless, which was critical for preserving […]


November 5, 2015by admin

Alexandria Criminal Defense:  Client charged with Assault & Battery Against a Family Member or Member of Household in violation of 18.2-57.2, had charged REDUCED to Disorderly Conduct with NO active jail time and 1 year of good behavior.  Due to past record, prosecutor originally sought 10 days of active jail time.  Despite prosecution having 2 non-party […]


October 12, 2015by admin

Stafford Criminal Defense Lawyer:  Client charged with shoplifting, Class 1 Misdemeanor, pursuant to VA Code 18.2-103, had charges DROPPED prior to trial due to insufficient evidence.  Client was potentially facing suspended jail time and probation because Stafford does not offer diversion program for shoplifting offenses. For more information on Virginia criminal defense, please visit Stafford […]


October 12, 2015by admin

Alexandria Criminal Defense Lawyer:  Client charged with domestic assault in Alexandria, VA was DROPPED after contentious negotiations with the prosecution.  On day of scheduled trial, prosecution dropped all charges against client. For more information relating to Virginia Criminal Defense, please see Fairfax Criminal Defense Attorney, Alexandria Criminal Defense Attorney, Alexandria Assault Defense


October 12, 2015by admin

Fairfax Criminal Defense Lawyer: In Fairfax, VA, Client charged with two counts of Felony Forgery, pursuant to VA Code 18.2-168 and misdemeanor Identity Theft.  At preliminary hearing, the prosecution agreed to DROP both felony charges and not require any active jail time.  Client pled guilty to Providing False Id to an Officer, Class 1 Misdemeanor, […]