Nabeel Kibria, Esq.

Principal Attorney

Nabeel Kibria, Esq.

Nabeel Kibria is a District of Columbia criminal defense and immigration attorney based in DC, with offices in both the District of Columbia and Alexandria, Virginia.  He is a founding partner of Ervin Kibria PLLC.

Nabeel graduated from the David A. Clarke School of Law at the University of the District of Columbia, one of the nation’s foremost public interest law schools, and he is admitted to the District of Columbia Bar.  Throughout law school, Nabeel  served as a student attorney in the David A. Clarke School of Law’s acclaimed Low-Income Housing-Consumer Law Clinic, where he provided representation of low-income residents of the District of Columbia, performing over 500 hours of pro bono legal services, including, but not limited to, successful litigation of rental conditions and human rights acts violations cases in DC Landlord-Tenant Court and DC Superior Court.  Nabeel also served as a student attorney in the Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic where he performed over 700 hours of pro bono legal and tax preparation services, including successful filing and negotiation of complicated state and federal tax debts owed to the IRS and/or State Treasury by clinic clients.

In addition to his services as a student attorney to the low-income residents of the District of Columbia, Nabeel worked, both during and after law school, as a senior law clerk to the managing partner of one of northern Virginia’s busiest criminal defense firms, representing hundreds of defendants in a wide-range of cases, including traffic offenses, alcohol-related offenses, drug offenses, violent crimes, theft-related offenses and government forfeitures.

Nabeel’s  passion for litigation, specifically criminal defense and immigration, and his love for the District of Columbia led to the creation of Ervin Kibria PLLC with his co-founder Justin Ervin.  Nabeel has a deep understanding of his clients needs, fears and concerns when they are charged with a particular offense.  Clients choose to be represented by Nabeel  because of his ability to calm their fears and provide results through his honesty,compassion and his dedication to their individual matters.  He is committed to offering his clients the best possible legal representation in the District.  Mr. Kibria is a firm believer that legal representation should be afforded to all who require it and he is determined to offer reasonable prices to help those who seek his representation.

Nabeel will always “go to bat” for his clients and will take a case to trial if that is what is necessary to deliver justice. The attorneys at Ervin KIbria PLLC genuinely share the belief that being prepared and willing to fight for clients is the only way to practice criminal defense.

Outside of the courtroom, Nabeel is an art and music enthusiast, as well as a veracious Washington D.C sports fan. As a University of Miami alumnus, Nabeel bleeds orange and green for his Miami Hurricanes.

I hired Mr. Kibria to represent me in what I thought were pretty unfair charges to begin with. He agreed and said he would work to get the charges dismissed. He did exactly that right away. Charges dismissed completely. I spent less then an hour in court for it too. He is a fantastic lawyer. He was super accessible and extremely responsive and cordial to all my requests and questions. If you need a defense attorney in DC, Mr. Kibria is the man to hire. Highly recommended! View on AVVO

Great DC defense attorney

I highly recommend Mr. Kibria. He is an excellent attorney and he achieves amazing results. If you need a lawyer in Washington DC, he is the one to hire. If I could rate him for 50 stars I would do that. View on AVVO

Fantastic DC lawyer

Mr. Kibria is the best attorney I have ever deal with. I was facing several serious charges including a DUI. Mr. Kibria worked tirelessly to get my case dismissed. He literally saved my life. If you find yourself in legal trouble in DC, Mr. Kibria is the lawyer to hire. View on AVVO

Amazing Washington DC Defense Attorney

I had a great experience with Mr. Kibria and I would hire him again. I recommend Mr. Kibria to anyone in the DC area. He was very helpful and informative and always responsive right away to my calls and texts. I was really appreciative of that as a lot of times it takes a while for attorneys to get back to you. Mr. Kibria met with me the same day I called and was able to walk me through the process during a free consultation face to face in his office. Also, he gave me a very affordable rate compared to many other attorneys in the area. If you receive a traffic ticket of any kind, make sure to call Mr. Kibria as you won't be disappointed with the service you receive. View on AVVO

Great quality service at a very affordable rate, highly recommend for any traffic ticket in the DC area

If you are in deep trouble, Nabeel is the lawyer you have to hire! I don't know what I would have done without him. What he did was simply amazing! I was charged with my 2nd DUI/OWI in less than a year, along with driving on a suspended license. I had a drink, drove on a suspended license, and hit a car. This is what I had going against me in my case. I was facing a conviction for 2nd DUI, OWI, and driving on a suspended license. I was facing a mandatory minimum 10 days in jail, if not more. The prosecutor was offering a plea where I would plea to a 2nd DUI conviction, driving on suspended license, and would be serving 10 days in jail. All the prosecutor was offering was to take the OWI off the table. I thought I was dead to rights. I was even willing to accept the plea, because I didn't think I could win at trial. Then Mr. Kibria showed me why he is awesome. He told me he wasn't going to let me go to jail and that he wasn't going to allow my future to be ruined. He said we are going to trial and that he was going to fight the prosecutors on every angle. And that's exactly what he did. He took the case to trial and beat all the charges. He got me an acquittal on ALL the charges. He saved my life. Nabeel is a truly amazing attorney. Not only is he awesome in court and a life saver, he is someone who cares abut you as a person. He was with me every step of the way, whenever I needed him, from the day I called him to talk about the case to the moment we walked out of court free. He did a lot more than just bail me out of a dead end situation, he gave me support and advise and made me feel safe. He gave me hope. If you are in trouble, if you are facing an impossible situation, then Mr. Kibria is the lawyer you NEED. He cares, he fights hard and most importantly, HE WINS! View on AVVO

Super DUI & Criminal Lawyer. The defense lawyer you need in the toughest times!