Crackdown on Possession of Synthetic Drugs in Virginia

July 1, 2015by Chris Lovos

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A dramatic increase in synthetic drug usage and consequent illness (some extremely severe) have led the governments of both Virginia and DC to strongly review how the suppliers of synthetic drugs should be dealt with, as well as increasing efforts to crackdown on individuals possessing synthetic drugs.

The D.C. Council has unanimously approved emergency legislation that would allow the police chief to temporarily shut down businesses that sell synthetic drugs.
Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser proposed the bill to combat a spike in overdoses linked to synthetic drugs. The substances can be found at gas stations and liquor stores in packaging that officials say is designed to appeal to teenagers.

The emergency bill approved on Tuesday would allow Police Chief Cathy Lanier to order a business found to be selling the drugs to be shut down for four days. Businesses would also be fined $10,000 for a first offense.

In Virginia, the Governor and the state legislature have been extremely active in attempting to keep up with the growing popularity of the over-the-counter synthetic drugs by updating and amending the statutes prohibiting the selling and possession and these substances.  In addition to changing to laws to encompass the changing chemical construction of these substances, the Virginia legislature has made the penalties for possession of synthetic marijuana much more severe than the penalties for possession of organic marijuana.   If you are charged with possession of synthetic drugs, it is critically important to speak with an experienced synthetic drug attorney to evaluate your options and properly defend your rights.  Particularly in Fairfax county, it is strongly recommended that you consult a Fairfax County Possession of Marijuana Lawyer before heading to court to face your marijuana charges.

Chris Lovos