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February 24, 2022by Justin Ervin

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If you’ve recently received a reckless driving ticket in Virginia, one of the first questions that you’re probably going to have is: “How long will this be on my record?”  It’s a good question to consider when weighing whether or not you should hire an attorney to fight your reckless driving ticket.  Unlike a normal speeding ticket, which is just an infraction, reckless driving is a criminal misdemeanor.  This means that not only can it carry far more severe penalties than a standard traffic ticket, it will also show up on your driving record and background checks much longer than a traffic ticket.

So How Long Does a Reckless Driving Conviction Stay on Your Record?

In Virginia, a reckless driving conviction will remain on your Virginia driving record for 11 years.  However, this only applies to convictions.  If you have been charged with reckless driving, you still have an opportunity to hire an attorney to fight the charge and potentially have it dismissed or reduced to a non-criminal offense.  But if you do not fight the charge, the reckless driving conviction will remain on your driving record for 11 years with no methods to have it removed before then.  You are strongly encouraged to call the reckless driving lawyers at Ervin Kibria PLLC today to take the proper steps prior to court to address this type of charge.

How long Does a Reckless Driving Conviction Show on an Employment Background Check?

Not all companies that conduct criminal background checks will include driving records on those background checks.  In that case, the information that is reported on your background check is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which limits the reporting of misdemeanors on a criminal background check to 7 years.  This 7 year scope, however, only applies to private business.  If you are applying for a job with the government or another entity that requires a security clearance, there is no limit on how far back the background check can go.

The vast majority of private background checks, however, only report felonies and misdemeanors.  If your reckless driving charge is ultimately reduced a traffic infraction, this ticket likely will not appear on a background check because it is no longer a misdemeanor.  This, again, highlights why fighting your reckless driving charge is the best option if you have a job that requires a clean criminal record or if you are considering changing jobs in the next few years.

How Can I Get a Reckless Driving Charge off My Record?

Hire an attorney to fight your reckless driving charge!  As we discussed, reckless driving convictions will show up on both your driving record and employment background check.  Your best chance to avoid this outcome is to fight the charge as you would any other type of criminal charge.  The attorneys at Ervin Kibria PLLC help clients fight reckless driving in Fairfax, Prince William and Arlington counties every single day.  Give us a call and let’s discuss your case.

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How long does reckless driving stay on record in Virginia