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July 27, 2016by admin

Alexandria Traffic Attorney – Client was charged with a first-offense reckless driving due to speed in the city of Alexandria.  Through negotiation with the arresting officer and the judge, there was an agreement to reduce the charge to driving 9 mph over the limit in exchange for completion of a DMV approved driving improvement course. […]


April 11, 2016by admin

Alexandria Reckless Driving Attorney:  Client charged with reckless driving after officer’s radar clocked client 30 mph over the limit was reduced to speeding 15 mph over the limit after completion of driving school.  Client was facing a misdemeanor conviction and was able to avoid any criminal convictions. For more information, please visit Alexandria Reckless Driving […]


April 1, 2016by admin

Fairfax Possession of Marijuana Defense Lawyer:  Client was charged with Possession of Marijuana following a lawful traffic stop.  Upon allegedly smelling marijuana, the officer conducted a search of the client’s vehicle.  In the trunk of the vehicle, the officer found marijuana.  The Fairfax General District Court judge granted defense counsel’s motion to suppress based upon […]