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Can a Fairfax DUI Lawyer Help Me? – Ervin Kibria Law

July 1, 2022by Justin Ervin

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I Was Arrested for a DUI, Can a Fairfax DUI Lawyer Help Me?

DUI offenses happen quite often in Fairfax, Virginia. Many times, getting charged for these offenses could cause untold distress and put your life on hold. If you have been arrested for a DUI offense in Fairfax, Virginia, knowing an experienced  DUI lawyer can make a big difference. A skilled Fairfax DUI lawyer will save the day and help you find your way out of the legal web.

Your Choice of DUI Attorney Matters

The state of Virginia frowns heavily on driving under the influence offenses. For this reason, your defense must be solid and aggressive. Therefore hire only experienced DUI defense attorneys with an in-depth knowledge of the law and s successful track record.

How Can a Fairfax DUI Lawyer Help You?

A DUI defense lawyer has received training to help with various degrees and severities of DUI offenses. They also understand the Virginia and Fairfax county justice map better than you do. Also, your Fairfax DUI lawyer will have forged valuable connections that will prove helpful in gathering facts while investigating your case.

Depending on the case and the skill of your attorney, you will either get a lighter sentence or even get you off the hook entirely. There are several steps a DUI attorney must take to do any of these.

Case Evaluation

There are several peculiarities in every DUI case. No matter how similar your case is to another, any experienced DUI defense attorney knows there is always something new. For this reason, a thorough case evaluation is essential to your defense.

Your lawyer will listen to your account and compare it with official reports. Your attorney will also collect and review every piece of evidence associated with your case.

Give Sound Legal Advice

After examining your case’s circumstances, your lawyer will be in the best position to know the way forward. Laws can change after a while, and it takes an experienced lawyer to know the latest updates.

From the knowledge of current laws, an intelligent Fairfax DUI lawyer will know what is at stake in your case. They will also know whether a diplomatic or aggressive approach will do you the greatest good. Finally, your lawyer will put all your options on the table, such as plea deals and squaring off with the state in a trial, and advise you on the best choice.

Keep You in the Loop

Your attorney owes you regular updates on the progress of your case. A DUI attorney will notify you of any new developments without any delays. These developments include court appearances and details of court proceedings.

Plea Deals and Trials

There are several solutions that your lawyer may implement to keep you out of jail, from losing a lot of money, or protect your license. These solutions include proceeding with a trial or negotiating a plea deal. Therefore, hire a lawyer wih impeccable negotiation skills.

Get Top Quality Fairfax DUI Representation With Ervin Kibria, PLLC

If you require a Fairfax DUI lawyer to help you with a DUI case, hire the legal team at Ervin Kibria PLLC. Our lawyers will fight to esure you don’t get an unjust sentence. Contact us now to speak with one of our skilled attorneys.


Can a Fairfax DUI Lawyer Help Me?