Justin Ervin, Esq.

Principal Attorney

Justin Ervin, Esq.

Justin Ervin is a Virginia criminal defense attorney based in Alexandria, Virginia, and he is a founding partner of Ervin Kibria PLLC.

Justin graduated from the George Mason University School of Law in May 2010, and he was admitted to the Virginia bar the same year.  Throughout law school, Justin worked full-time as a law clerk for the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia (‘PDS’), personally representing hundreds of inmates of DC Jail during their disciplinary hearings.  Justin also worked with the PDS staff attorneys to represent clients in a wide-range of cases, including alcohol-related offenses, drug offenses, violent crimes, and theft-related offenses.

After graduating law school, Justin spent two years as an Associate Attorney with Kotchen & Low LLP, an antitrust and intellectual property firm located in Washington, DC.  In addition to practicing law, Justin co-owns and operates two successful legal research companies, and he left Kotchen & Low in 2012 to focus on these businesses.  Justin’s passion for the courtroom, and in particular, for criminal defense, however, drew him back to the practice of law and led to the creation of Ervin Kibria PLLC.

Justin understands that his clients are coming to him in some of the most stressful times in their lives.  Clients value him because of his compassion and ability to relieve their stress through his excellent advocacy.  He firmly believes that everyone who goes through the system, whether they are accused of violating the law, going through a divorce, being evicted, or just want to write up a will, needs an advocate. They need someone on their side -someone who will listen to them, address their needs, explain the complex and sometimes contradictory aspects of the law. In addition, by keeping his overhead low, he knows he can offer reasonable prices to help people with all sorts of legal problems.

Justin enjoys litigating cases. He is always willing to conduct a motion hearing or trial. It is his belief that being prepared and willing to fight for his clients is the only way to practice criminal defense. Each motion hearing and trial brings with it additional and invaluable experience and as an attorney you should always try to be better and get better for your client.  This is the dedication and passion Justin brings to Ervin Kibria PLLC.

Outside of the courtroom, Justin is an avid sports fan and can usually be found either watching or playing one sport or another.  As a University of Arizona alumnus, Justin is a devoted Wildcat fan as well as a diehard Arizona Diamondbacks and Phoenix Suns fan.

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